Go to walk! why we need take our little fried to walk for a wile



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go to walk with your dog

Go to walk

The picture of a dog dragging its owner behind him we all know, even though it funny show for you, for the owner it is really not funny and even dangerous.

When you walk with the dog on a trip it is important to lead the walk and not be led.

At home and during the trip you need to be the leaders.

A large number of dog owners walk wrong with the dog so we often see dogs walking 3 meters in front of their owners and sometimes even actually dragging them.

When we go for a walk with the dog it is important to keep the him walking close to us or behind us and thus preserve the image of the leader in his eyes.

If the dog continues to pull forward it can be easily fixed with a small pull on the leash and get him back to the right place.

It is important to remember that there are dogs that are easy to get behind but there are dogs that are more dominant and therefore need to be careful again and again to achieve success (sometimes it is a long and tedious process but eventually it will happen).