How to stop dog barking when someone knocks on the door?



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Does the dog don’t stop barking when someone knocks on the door?
Don’t be discouraged there is a solution!

But before we reach a solution we need to understand the source of the problem, when the dog barks on the door and we do not respond to it correctly the dog actually takes ownership on the door and the house in general, so if someone approaches he first of all warns “Hello friends you are coming to my area”,
When a man comes to the door of the dog, the dog enters the position of guard and his job now is to protect that everything is all right and that the person at the door is not a danger to the pack … After all when the people enter the house and the dog sniffs them he sees that everything is okay and the barking stop.

So what should we do when the barking begins?

  • First of all be calm and assertive (this is true in all our action with a dog, be the dog leader)
  • Then we will walk calmly and stand between the dog and the door when we form a barrier between him and the door.
  • In the next stage, make an assertive voice that shows that you are not prepared for this behavior by the dog and assertively stand in front of the dog until he understands and stops barking, you can also touch with your hand in the groin of the dog in an assertive way to understand that you are serious about it.
  • In the final stage, the dog must move from the place in a relaxed mode and finish when he is sitting calm and at a distance from the door (It is recommended that it be in his bed or in the area where he lies a lot and comfortable there).
  • Now you can open the door.
  • Please note that you may need to do this several times until the dog responds in the way you want.

What not to do?

  • Do not hit the dog
  • Do not yell
  • Do not be ashamed of the person waiting outside (he can wait!)
  • Do not give up on it – an action that you may have to do several times and at different times until the dog realizes that you are really serious (and no longer be ashamed of the person outside – he can wait!)