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The dog is man's best friend. Dog owners among you know the special feeling of coming home and getting this great love of your dog. In most homes the dog is a family member like everyone else.


So how will the dog suddenly lost?

In normal condition the dog is always with you and there is no reason to get lost. But unusual cases can cause the dog to panic and run away and then will not find the way back:


- Games: If you are on a walk with the dog in the park and the dog saw a cat or a dog and run to play with them and walked too far away from you.


- Accident: A dog who, run to the road and was hit by a car. From the blight of the injury many dogs flee very far and the connection between them and the owner is lost.


- Alarm / siren / loud noise: Some dogs are very frightened by loud noise, alarm or siren, which can cause them to escape to the owner.


What can we do?

Measures that increase the likelihood that the dog will be returned home after it has been lost

- Chip: As part of the vaccinations each dog must receive, there is also the possibility the veterinarian will put the dog a special chip. The chip allows identification of the dog in case it is lost and returned to the owner.


- Dog Name Tag: One of the most popular and trendy measures that will help return the dog if lost is a dog name tag. You can order a name tag in the form and color you choose, and you must inscribe the name of the dog and the phone number of the owner. The tag is attached to the collar or harness of the dog so the dog's details are always on it, and anyone who finds the dog will be able to tell immediately return the dog to the owner.


Benefits of purchasing a tag name for a dog

The great advantage of a dog's name tag is that if the dog is lost, the dog's finder should not go to the veterinarian to check the chip of the owner. He can easily call a phone number that is engraved on the tag and notify the owner of the dog.


In addition, since there are many different designs for name tags for dogs, dog owners now choose to buy a name tag as a fashionable accessory that looks beautiful on their dog.


The name tag can also be inscribed with special sensitivities, malformations or diseases that the dog suffers from. The dog's origin could tell immediately how to take care of the dog.


According to estimates, only 17% of the dogs that are lost and do not have a badge are returned to their owners.


What is recommended to etch on the name tag

It is highly recommended to engrave the name of the dog and the phone number of the owner. So that whoever finds the lost dog can immediately call the owner and inform them about it. You can of course add important details such as sensitivities, malformations or diseases that the dog suffers from. For example, if the dog does not hear or is sensitive to this particular food type, it is very important to know if the dog is found and needs to be monitored. It is recommended not to engrave too much text on the tag, as this reduces the size of the text.

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