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Did you know that your dog's food bowl can affect his health?

Dogs can develop skin allergies and other problems from food bowl. For example, a plastic bowl can cause allergies and acne among dogs. This reaction is caused when the bowl are not carefully cleaned thoroughly and then a bacteria is formed that sits at the base of the bowl, And creates the allergic reaction of the skin mainly in the facial area.

If your dog's skin looks irritated or covered with black spots, try to clean the area twice a day with a wipes containing benzoyle peroxide. You can consult the pharmacist in pharmacies.


If the dog's condition does not improve or worsen, consult your veterinarian.

Dogs mainly from small sizes are known to be spoiled, and often connoisseurs. There are those who insist on eating in a certain place, some who insist on eating canned food for a certain dish or not eating from any plate. It does not mean that we have to give in to them, and let them eat directly from the can. It is not advisable to be in contact with the metal and also because it is not educational for them, and we want to avoid it. From creating a habit that will be detrimental to us in the future, because as you know and I constantly remind dogs, they are animals of habit.


The dog should have its own set of dishes for food and drink that should be cleaned easily.

If you have one dog you can choose to buy a stainless steel stand that contains 2 bowl for food and one for water. These facilities help you keep your feeding area clean and tidy and easy to clean. Because you can pull out the bowl relatively easily for cleaning.



If you have a number of home dogs who are usually territorialists, it is best to have a bowl of food and drink separately from their own, a stainless steel bowl for the each dog so you can feed the dogs each in their own area of ​​the house. It is also suitable for homes where each dog should be given a different type of food. In any case, when you are looking for a bowl for food and drink, look for bowl that can be washed in the dishwasher and are not brittle.


If you are away from home for long hours or have a few dogs, you may want to consider buying dog feeders that can contain food for your dog for several days. This way you can be sure that your dogs are treated even if you are busy ... (and among us who is not busy at this time ...)


One type of feeder fills itself from the reserves, when your dog empties the food from the food plate, the facility fills itself. The facility can be used for feeding one dog for several days or for several dogs


However, these feeding facilities also have drawbacks.

At home with a number of dogs there is sometimes a more dominant dog that can be aggressive towards the rest of the house dogs and not allow them to eat enough, and for us it will be difficult to monitor and know if one of the dogs is not eating enough. Also, it will be difficult for us to know that when a dog does not eat enough, it is a sign that the dog has a medical problem and / or illness, and we will not know, which is a serious disadvantage.

Also, dogs that are selective may refuse to eat food, which has been stored in the facility for more than a few hours and this can cause us to throw more food.


The second type of dog feeder is the automatic dog feeder.

These devices contain automatic components for dog food. The facility has cells with a cover that opens each time.

The facility is powered by batteries that activate an engine, enabling the timing of the opening of the cells and the discovery of the food inside them according to a predetermined schedule.

You can schedule the opening of the cells and put alternating dry foods, canned foods and even water up.


In conclusion, in order to keep the dog healthy, the food bowl must be cleaned daily. If you can put the bowl into the dishwasher, it is simple and easy. It is forbidden to leave food on a bowl for a long period of time, because dry food can age and lose its freshness and aroma and attract flies that will lay eggs in to the food. The water bowl must also be washed daily and filled with fresh water.

Keep your dog healthy and we promise that he will thank you and be a happy dog!


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