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Dog's treats

August 27, 2018 0 comments

Just like we love treats so do our dogs!
Of course, as devoted dog owners, we want to spoil our cute dog from time to time. However it can be a good thing to help us in educating the dog and in connection with it, sometimes it can be negative when taken without limitation.

If you are not careful, treats can add a significant amount of calories to your dog's normal and healthy diet, which can lead to obesity problems and even disease.

10% Law
When we choose to give our dog treats in order to teach him tricks, work on various problems or just to spoil him we will have to make sure that the amount of daily luxuries does not exceed 10% of the dog's daily calories! (Consult your veterinarian about the correct treatment for your dog and any other dietary changes!)

In addition, we can choose healthier treats that some dogs like as much as a juicy meat snack. These treats will be fruits and vegetables, not all of course these are just what are appropriate for dogs and the right way.

Also, if we want to teach our dog about some tricks and the need for a lot of treats, it is worth trying to motivate the dog with his usual food, so instead of putting the dog in a bowl, give it for a good things that he does, so the amount of colorectal does not change and you can give the dog Lots of "rewards" for the good things he does.

It is important to remember that pampering our dog is not just a candy or a snack, and it is also possible to give positive feedback to the dog by playing a game that makes him happy or caressing at the right time, which shows the dog that you are satisfied with the action he did, sometimes it works even better than a regular treats.

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