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How to choose a collar for a dog?

There are different types of collars and strips for dogs to buy.
But how do you know which collar to choose for our dog?
Some of the equipment is intended for daily use and some are intended for dog training.

There is a wide range of collars. When deciding which collar to choose for your dog,
You should choose a collar that suits your dog and his needs.

1. A collar with a closure such as a belt or a collar with a click closed
This collar must fit the neck of the dog.
These collars can be obtained from various materials like nylon, leather or fabric.
This type of collar is good for basic use, especially for non-aggressive dogs who don't pulling the strap while on a walk.
If your dog is the kind of dog that pulls the strap tight - it is not a suitable collar for which it will be choked by the collar
If you need to tame your dog do not pull the strap - this is not a suitable collar for you.

2. Choke collar
Opinions differ regarding the use of a choke collar.
Some see this as cruelty and some see it as necessary.
We believe that each case must be examined on its conditions.
We need to check the purpose of using the collar and if there is a real need for it.
A choke collar is usually made of metal. Collar choke is a collar for dog training,
Which is recommended only in extreme cases of training.
The collar tightens on the dog's neck when it is stretched.
The traction is released when we release.
Collar choking can be very dangerous if we do not use it correctly.
If you choose to use such a collar in an important and necessary training that you will need know how to use, and yet use it with great care.
If you do not, you can cause trauma and hurt your dog.

3. Halti or head collar
This type of collars fit on the face of the dog and neck.
Head collars do not use force so that very little pain is caused to a dog,
But there is still maximum control so the dog will move in the direction we want him to move there.
This collar basically serves the same purpose as the bridle on the horse,
When the head goes in a certain direction, the whole body follows it
A head collar can be uncomfortable for a dog to wear.
Some dogs will not accept the collar.
This is can expressed that the dog refuses to move, or he may try to get it down it with his feet or with other objects.
Some dog owners prefer a head collar because it reduces the pulling by the dog.
This is especially important for medium and large dogs.

Remember when choosing a collar and a leash for a dog we must consider the dog's needs and character but also our needs,
and in our comfort with the dog. The collar must fit the size of the dog not to be too small and squeeze and suffocate and not be too large and sagging, because the dog can be released from the collar and run to the road and be trampled or lost


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