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How to choose toys for a dog?
A lot of people treat their dog as a family member. Dog lovers know that this is justified. The dog has a wonderful character and the amount of love he give is endless. We care about our dog's health and care about everything he puts in his mouth. Whether it's food or toy. You probably will not consider giving your baby a cheap "toy" that you find .... And certainly do not consider giving your dog just a toy that has not been tested for safety for your dog.

What should you look for when choosing toy for a dog?
Fit for age and size: A toy suitable for an big dog can be dangerous to a small dog. A bone fit for a dog the size of a Pitbull would be really not a good choice to buy for a seven-pound pug.

Help your dog keep the figure: It is very desirable to choose toys that will allow the dog to do sports (and you can burn calories). If your dog is at home most of the day, this is a good opportunity to give him a chance to run, jump and get energy. This will stimulate blood flow and strengthen the immune system just as it does in humans.

Sterility: It is very desirable to buy a toy that allows easy and quick cleaning. You do not want your dog to get an infection or start stinking because a microbial colony sits on the bone. Rubbing with soap and water should usually be sufficient.

So how do we choose the perfect toy?
Dog toys are divided into three main groups.
Learning toys, chewing toys and interactive toys

The differences between the teams are the purpose of the game and its resistance to chewing.

Learning toys
In the group of thought toys there are relatively few products and it is suitable mainly for thinking dogs, who will enjoy a mental challenge and will not tire of it after a short time without result.
The most prominent representatives in this group are Border Collie, Jack Russell Terrier, Australian Shepherd.

Toys for chewing
Chewing toys are a large group that contains many similar products in their form and purpose, most of them are built in a way that allows the introduction of food in a way that will make it difficult to remove it by the dog and thus employ it between several minutes and several hours.
These toys are also used as part of the treatment of abandonment anxieties and obsessive compulsions and are designed to "tolerate" severe abuse by the dog assuming that we have acquired the toy that is appropriate for its size, age, and intensity of the dog chewing.

The chewing toys  will usually be made of natural rubber and silicone, which will not damage the lining of the stomach or the intestines in case of swallowing. However, it is recommended to replace them when have obvious damege that may endanger the dog.

Interactive toys
Interactive toys are a large group of toys whose purpose is to create a social / cooperative activity in the game between us and the dog or between several dogs.
Ropes, balls and wheezing toys are just some examples of toys in this group.
One of the best known frustrations for anyone who has bought a quality toy for a dog is when the dog breaks apart the toy within fifteen minutes.
The reason for this is that these toys were not created to keep them with the dog but to play with him under observation.
In fact, ropes, balls, and wheezing toys are not recommended to be left with an unattended dog for fear of ingesting pieces of fabric and material that can cause bowel obstruction.
The right and fun way to play with our dog with a cooperative toy is to take an active part in the game.
Whether it is throwing a ball or a flying saucer or playing with a rope or ball with a rope.
In the form of this game we strengthen the relationship with the dog and take an active part in the game so important to the dog.

In order to maintain the attractiveness of the toy, it is recommended not to leave it in a place that is accessible to the dog, so the toy keeps its prestige in the eyes of the dog as well as a longer shelf life.

It is important to remember that not all dogs enjoy chasing balls or playing with a rope pull, but with the right advice from a trainer you can usually find the right toy for your dog that will be used correctly for a long time.

Now that you know which toy fits for your dog share with us what toy your dog loves best

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