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What to do if the dog gets lost

What to do if the dog gets lost

Six things you can do if the dog gets lost

1) Search in the area of ​​the house or place where it was last seen - Think of places your dog is used to walking to or places that can attract him: friends, markets, parks, landfills, restaurants, etc. You should ask family and friends to go out and help as quickly as possible because every moment is critical.


2) Pictures and flyers - colorful posters with a clear color picture, simple writing and the main thing that will attract the eye should hang in the area where the dog disappears and its surroundings. Pay attention to the words "lost dog" or "lost" etc. If possible, offer a reward for finder and give an incentive for passers-by to look for your dog.


3) Dogs shelter - in the first stage call all the dogs shelter around you and continue searching parallel. If the dog is not there yet, you must physically reach each of these dogs shelter for safety and look for your dog there. It is always important to remember that this is not a time for laziness or complacency. Apart from dogs shelter, it is recommended to contact veterinarians in the area and other animal-related businesses such as shops, hairdressers and more.


4) Newspapers and the Internet. Today, pictures of lost animals can be published on various websites and newspapers. Whether for free or if it costs money, it is very important to publicize and introduce your dog's image into the public mind. Apart from different sites, try social networks - nowadays social networks work great in disseminating information and there is the possibility that someone will hear about someone who has found your dog.


5) Unfortunately, there are also crooks and criminals in the world who may exploit the sensitive situation and demand the prize that was published. Be sure not to write a sum of money, do not give a full address, set with the finder in a public place and not arrive alone.


6) Do not give up! The dog is a smart animal that survives. There's a good chance your dog is out there somewhere, wandering or hiding. It can be taken by one person or by a particular animal organization. Do not give up your best four leg friend: keep sending messages, calling and reaching the dogs shelter, hanging pictures and spreading the story. There are countless stories about dogs found and returned to their owners, whether after several weeks or several years.



- If you saw your dog from a distance, avoid running and chasing him. This might only scare him again, whether he was afraid or whether he thought it was a game. Be sure to notify your search partners as well. 

- Leave food and water outside your doorstep and, if possible, take out a dog bed. These objects may attract the dog back home.

- Visit regularly in places where signs and pictures are hung to check their health. You should also reach the dogs shelter and places where you know the dog likes to arrive on a regular basis.

- Hang up a large sign with a clear picture of your vehicle and ask your friends to do the same.

- Leave in the home area smell points to which the dog can smell and attract to them such as clothing with your body odor, a toy to which the dog is accustomed and etc.

- Of course, you can always put a GPS collar on the dog and never lose him