Jack Russell Terrier Breed

Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier is a small terrier that has its origins in fox hunting. It is principally white-bodied and smooth, rough or broken-coated but

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Brussels Griffon dog breed

Brussels Griffon

The Griffon Bruxellois or Brussels Griffon is a breed of toy dog, named for their city of origin: Brussels, Belgium. The Griffon Bruxellois may refer

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Dachshund dog breed


The dachshund (English: badger dog; also known as the sausage dog or wiener dog) is a short-legged, long-bodied, hound-type dog breed. The standard size dachshund

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Fruit ice cream for dogs

Ingredients:2 tbsp chopped melon2 tbsp watermelon chopped2 tbsp chopped apple4 tbsp cottage cheese*make sure that all the fruit are seedless* preparation method:Mix the fruit and

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Awesome Surprise egg

Ingredients:one eggPhyllo dough Instructions:– Separate Filo dough pages and place on a greased pan, raise the edges of the page to create a bowl shape.–

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Apple muffins for dogs

Apple muffins for dogsIngredients for 16-18 muffinsA large apple peeled and chopped2.5 cups flour1/4 cup oatmeal2 teaspoons baking powder1/2 teaspoon baking soda1/2 cup white yogurt1/2

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