Dog Ice Cream



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Hot day?
This is just the time for a quick, simple and easy recipe for a dog’s ice cream!
An especially easy recipe for making delicious ice cream in 2 minutes preparation and a minimum of dirt and groceries.
We tried it ourselves and got great reactions from the hairy jury.

This recipe requires three things:
– A can of dog food – Wet food for dogs: food for dogs that comes in the form of feta and therefore easy to mix and taste very high.

– One small glass or alternatively an ice tray

– Wooden ice cream sticks – optional

how to make ?

Take a can of wet food Mix with water in a quarter of a can and three quarters of water, mix well.

Put in small disposable cups or in ice tray.
Place a pop-up stick, in to the freezer, and wait two hours for a refreshing and tasty ice cream.